Narcoleptic People - Men and women who became Famous

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Published: 12th November 2010
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Narcolepsy is simply not an easy affliction to live with. You go through unpredicted instances of overwhelming sleepiness as well as sleep attacks anytime, regardless of what you are doing. For this reason, your ability to execute your everyday tasks goes downhill. Your interpersonal, family and career life will undoubtedly be disturbed.

Yet somehow for some people, narcolepsy is not a discouraging factor but a fuel that drives them to work more to gain what they aspire to achieve. Below are some of the well known narcoleptic people.

Jimmy Kimmel, Television Host and Comedian

The name of Jimmy Kimmel is currently a common household name attributable to his well known late night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" which airs on ABC. He also previously did work as a co-host in "The Man Show", a show which acquired him instant fame, and "Win Ben Steinís Money". He likewise has significant experiences in the world of producing and radio.

According to his interview with Esquire in 2003, Jimmy often suffers from irrepressible sleepiness particularly in the afternoon. He'd fall into deep sleep during meetings, watching television, or maybe even while driving a car. One time, he even dozed off even though the camera was rolling. He is at present taking stimulant drugs on a regular basis to wake him up and be able to perform his job well.

Natassja Kinski, Actress

Natassja Kinski is yet another narcoleptic who began her career in modeling and proceeded to be an actress plus an internationally acclaimed sex symbol in the 1970s to eighties. She has made an appearance in a total of sixty movies and won a Golden Globe. Thanks to her narcolepsy disorder, she stopped driving after dark.

Harriet Tubman, Humanitarian

Harriet Tubman was an African-American ex-slave who further on turned into a humanitarian, abolitionist and a union spy during American Civil War. She devoted her life to the eradication of slavery and was able to guide 70 slaves flee through an underground railroad.

She presumably started developing narcolepsy after a painful head trauma. Her master whacked her head with a heavy metal weight. She began developing instances of seizures, headaches and bouts of unconsciousness after that.

Harold M. Ickes, ex - White House Deputy Chief of Staff

Harold Ickes was the White House Deputy Chief of Staff during Bill Clintonís governing administration. He additionally headed the presidential campaign of Clinton in 2002. His role in preserving the name of Bill Clinton in the middle of the scandals and crises was pivotal. He additionally aided Hillary Clinton during her Senate Campaign in 2000.

Many times, he'd drift off to sleep while in pretty important meetings. But by means of sheer will and the aid of medications, he was able to control his narcolepsy illness and accomplished political achievements.

Arthur Lowe, Actor

Arthur Lowe was an English actor who has shown up in numerous TV shows and theater plays. But he turned enormously prominent in Uk audiences soon after his portrayal of Captain Mainwaring in the Television sitcom "Dadís Army".

Franck Bouyer, French Cyclist

Franck Bouyer is a French pro cyclist who races for the Bouygues company. He is a narcoleptic, with symptoms of sleep episodes and also cataplexy. By having a regular prescription medication of Modafinil, he was able to work out and also compete in professional cycling. He even triumphed in three major cycling events in France. But unfortunately, in 2004, he was banned from cycling since medication Modafinil had been a banned substance during that time. But in 2009, he was able to go back to cycling after the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) verified that Xyrem, the latest medicine for managing narcolepsy, is not banned.

They demonstrated to the world that despite having a debilitating disorder, you can still live life normally and possibly succeed in your chosen field. For everybody who is a narcoleptic, get encouragement from this list of brave narcoleptic people. You, likewise, can exceed as well as live a quality life.


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