Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog - How Narcolepsy Affects His Living

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Published: 12th November 2010
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Rusty the narcoleptic dog is a dachshund that has a rare sleep disorder. The poor dog is suffering from narcolepsy, a condition that causes him to abruptly sleep or collapse in the middle of doing something.

Despite the fact that narcolepsy may be affecting a significant amount of people now, not very many do understand that the condition can affect pets or animals too. Like dogs, for instance. Narcolepsy in dogs exhibits indicators and symptoms that are similar with humans. Rusty the narcoleptic dog is a typical example. He falls asleep when he's running around and having fun with other pets. When he gets ecstatic over food or his master coming back home, he collapses and goes through muscle weakening. If he tries to get up, he will be unable to do so. Although he appears unconscious, he is still cognizant of what is going on in his surroundings. Some people find humor in his circumstance. So much in fact that videos of Rusty is circulating on the net, giving entertainment to numerous people.

However what people see so funny is probably not for Rusty as well as the other narcoleptic people who have to endure this condition every single day. Rusty struggles to do things that he desires to do as a dog. He simply cannot run and have fun normally. He just cannot remain long enough to bond with his masters. The muscle weakening symptoms, referred to as cataplexy, along with episodes of abrupt sleep, come about more than once each day. It obviously affected Rusty’s life in a great way. It is moreover life-threatening in case the attacks occur at very dangerous occasions.

So when you see videos of Rusty or any other narcoleptic dogs for example, aim to view it with concern. Imagine the dog as a being who feels suffering too. If it were your child in Rusty’s predicament, would it have been easy for you to have a good laugh?


Nina is a professional lady with a medical background. Her passion is to help others that suffer from sleep disorders. She maintains a website dedicated to helping others understand narcolepsy. She provides free information about narcolepsy in her website Narcolepsy Revealed (

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